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Photography styles

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Why should we care about photography styles?

Most of the time I had to learn a topic in my life, at school mainly, I had to take a book and start reading about the origin of that topic.
Writing looks easy, but how it developed literature during the past centuries? Philosophy can be tough, but finding the line from the first philosophers to the actual way of thinking is way more interesting.

Photography for most of us took a different approach. We received a camera, we started to take photos, we enjoyed it.
Rarely we went over this path.
Also, there was a lack of information before Wikipedia started to help us!

Nowadays there are a lot of sources where we can find useful info about photography. So let's fill the gap.

But why should we care about studying photography styles or history?

Basically, if you want to have success in photography, you have to understand which could be your niche. History is full of photographers, but almost none of them was able to master more than one or two styles.

Each style needs a different personality. The approach to street photography is quite different from the approach to landscape photography.
The technique is different.
The equipment is different.
The goal is different.

Sure, each of us would like to experiment with as many styles as possible, no one knows which is his talent, before testing it!

-- end of the boring (necessary) introduction --


The art of freezing history in one frame

Courage, discipline

Get inspired by: Robert Capa, Dorothea Lange

Social documentary photography

The best way to show different cultures and society problems

Social interaction, communication.

Get inspired by: Sebastião Salgado

Street photography

To show and understand social interactions

Instinct, immagination

Get inspired by: Henri Cartier-Bresson

Landscape photography

Earth is a wonderful place, show it

Energy, patience, precision

Get inspired by: Ansel Adams and Christoph Fischer

Portrait photography

A face can tell more than a book about life

Social interaction, empathy

Steve McCurry

Fashion photography

Every person in the world can be on magazine's first page

Social interaction, photo-editing

Helmut Newton

But now that we moved to XXI century, photography evolved and a lot of new branches of photography find everyday new talent and people interest.

Macro photography

There are a lot of little worlds around us, if you know how to catch them.

precision, curiosity

Get inspired by: #macrophotography

Aerial photography

To show the earth from a different point of view

tech, immagination

Get inspired by: #aerialphotography

Wildlife photography

Not just taking photos of animals, but interacting with them

patience, empathy

Get inspired by: #wildlifephotography

Fine art photography

The art of taking impossible photos

creativity, tech

Get inspired by: #fineartphotography

Food photography

Food was never so beautiful

creativity, design

Get inspired by: #foodporn

Architectural photography

From an ugly building can develop a great photo

design, precision, logical mind

Get inspired by: #architecturalphotography

Sport photography

The adrenaline of being inside the action

sport mind

Get inspired by: #sportphotography

Wedding photography

Transform a party to an epic event

Social interaction, precision

Get inspired by: #weddingphotography

Travel photography

Go and shoot where the others can't

open mind

Get inspired by: #travelphotography

Still-life photography

Commercial use, set the perfect scenario and shoot whatever can sell

precision, tech

Get inspired by: #stillife

Real-estate photography

Commercial use, increases value of on sale apt

precision, tech

Get inspired by: #estatephotography

Newborn photography

Last trend is to get the perfect scene newborn photo

design, empathy

Get inspired by: #newbornphotography

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