Sarah Wouters

Sarah Wouters is one of the most talented photographers on the scene. She is not only a skilled travel photographer, but also a person able to understand the problems of the various places where she usually travels. Many of her photos are both artistically perfect and conceptually profound.

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Hi Sarah, thanks for this interview. You are a photographer who loves to travel. What generally fascinates you in your travels?
I am more or like a travel photographer. I travelled more than 70 countries, around the world, but I have just started photographing about 7-8 years ago, when I moved back to Thailand ( I am dutch but native Thai). I like to photograph landscape, people, macro, animals and street.

You have visited more than 70 countries. What do you like to photograph when you travel?
When I travel I try to capture everything, when the scene drawn my eyes. But my favorite subject are people, culture and festivals.

Is it complicated to integrate with local populations with a camera in your hands?
As a female photographer I always thing of safety first so when I travel I often have local guides or I travel with local photographers, except in the countries where I had been many times. I usually travel with friends that are also photographers.

Your trip to Ethiopia took you among many local tribes. How much time did you spend there? Have you noticed many differences between the various tribes?
My first time in Ethiopia was 9-10 years. I travelled from the north to the south, and, as I liked Ethiopia very much, I kept going back. I was there totally 4 times. Last 2 times I conducted the trip and took photograph friends, about 10 people, with me to the southern part near the border of South Sudan and Kenya and visited many tribes at Omo valley. One trip take about 11-14 days in total. I used local guide to show me around this region. Each tribe exhibits in a different way their beauty with painted clothes, hairstyles and painted bodies or tattoo and in some tribes, as Mursi and Surma, women wear lip plate.

Each of these children has a colored body. Does it have a particular meaning or is it only aesthetic?
I took this photo when I visited Surma or Suri tribe. They use white clay and mineral soils to paint their faces and bodies, with different design, for showing their beauty and protect themselves from the sun and insects. Many young women use flowers to make hair crown for showing their beauty. For shooting people I often use natural light or Rembrandt lighting and I try to play with composition if I can.

As a photographer, I think that there are moments when shooting photos fill us with incredible energy. Which of your photos gave you more adrenaline?
Festival photos, when I can capture the moment of an action. I like that moments, they give me the most adrenaline.

With your photos it seems you want to tell stories. Can you choose one of your photos and tell us what's behind it?
Some times I take photo to people and I would like the photo means something. For example when I took the photo “Protection”.

I played with composition, I took a portrait of a young Suri boy surrounded with women's hands full of jewelry around the neck of the young boy. I named it protection because many young boys around this region are too easily killed or kidnapped. I would like this photo means something.

Which photographer influenced you the most?
I am an amateur photographer and Steve McCurry influenced me the most.

Can you tell us something about your next project?
As we're living now with the Covid pandemic, I have cancelled many trips I have planned. For my next project, when we’ll ne able to travel again, I would like to go to Papua New guinea to photograph the tribes over there.

We have noticed a majority of male photographers among the professionals. What would you suggest to a woman that would like to become pro photographer?
For a women who would like to become pro photograph, just take a camera and go out practicing photography everyday. Try to know your camera, have a goal and go for it.

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