Mercier Zeng

Mercier Zeng is one of the most talented Chinese photographers of our time. Through his photos and his travels, he describes landscapes and people, enhancing their colors and their souls. And for the viewer to observe his photos is to have the pleasure of traveling to the Asian continent and its thousand shades.

Check out his galleries on and and get ready to travel.


You are one of the most innovative landscape photographers on the scene. How did you decide to start this career?
Guilin is a paradise for landscape photographers because of it's unique karst mountains, I'm one of them who lost in such beautiful mountains. And I'd like to show the most beautiful landscapes for worldwide photographers, so I decided to run 1-1 photography tours.

How much do you travel in your job?
Not too much actually. Maybe 10 days every two months in high season here (April to October).

Can you tell us something about your last project?
Before the epidemic, my last customer was a landscape pro from US, he took many really nice shots of sunrise over mountains and cormorant fishermen at dawn, and won 3 or 4 prizes when he was back home.  He promised that he will return to China for more when it is done.

You keep a lot of interesting workshops. How do you structure a workshop?
There are very few English speaking photography guides in China, so it is not easy to photograph some places for a non-Chinese speaking photographers.
I just try to make more photographers to travel these places easier, that's why I organize workshops in China.

What would you suggest to photographers that would like to become pro?
Keep curious, keep active.
Try your best to shoot enough good photographs in different conditions and situation, then show these great shots to people, people will love your works. They may follow your step to do the same thing, this is the first step to pro.

Which photographer influenced you the most?
There are many excellent ones, Max Rive is the most.

As a photographer, I think that there are moments when shooting photos
fill us with incredible energy. Which of your photos gave you more
I think it was the time in Bagan, Myanmar.
The moment of hot balloons flew over hundreds of ancient pagodas, it was so encouraging and inspiring.

Namibia Dead Vlei

Your website is full of very interesting photo galleries. We have selected the "Mudflats" gallery for its unique atmosphere. What is it about? The photos speak of a lovely place. Is life in these locations actually very hard?
The mudflats in Xiapu, one of my favourite places too.
Xiapu was a small fish village, now developed a small county, most people are still living for fishing and seafood farming. I went to some really remote villages nearby, they have very good life now, it is hard work but good for money, local fishermen are normally working at dawn even middle nights, then rest and play cards with neighbours in the afternoon. They are very friendly, they are happy to have people visit their houses.
Because there are no much sightseeing spots for normal tourists, it is an ideal places for photography.

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