Andrew Vasiliev

Andrew Vasiliev is one of the most talented Russian photographers of our time. Thanks to his photographic skills, the portraits and nudes he produced become part of a profound idea linked to nature and the surrounding environment.

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Hi Andrew, thanks for this interview. Where are you from?
I live in Krasnodar. This is a city in the south of Russia. And unlike stereotypes about Russia, we have almost tropics here :)

You are a photographer committed to multiple styles. Which is your favorite?
Yes, I've tried shooting in different genres. I started by shooting landscapes and architecture. Later I started taking pictures of people. First, the classic large portraits, and then my frame became wider and I began to add a lot of interior elements and history to the person. Perhaps my style will change in the future, but now I like it.

How would you define your personal photography style?
I would describe my style as Atmospheric portrait in the environment.

Which photographer influenced you the most?
I was fortunate enough to meet and work with the genius Russian photographer Dmitry Rogozhkin @ r7dii, and communication with him greatly influenced my attitude towards photography.

With your photos it seems you want to tell stories. Can you choose one of your photos and tell us what's behind it?
I think storytelling photography tells stories best. (reportage photography) There is a lot of work behind my work and the idea that I wanted to show. Take a photo of a girl freezing as an example. In it, I wanted to show a certain global climate problem and our responsibility for it. You can see how the freezing character being in the glass dome is trying to save something alive in the same smaller dome.

Is photography a job for you?
Photography is a hobby for me. Therefore, I have the opportunity to shoot only what I like.

What would you suggest to photographers that would like to become pro?
As with any craft, if you want to achieve something, you have to learn and practice. To be noticed, you need to do your job better than others. Invest more time and effort. That's the whole secret. No matter how old you are, do not stop learning.

Can you tell us something about your next project?
I have many projects developing at the same time. I don't know what the next one will be. I will choose the one for which I am ready the most. I am now interested in working with various materials. Wax, snow, feathers, smoke, fire. I am studying how you can interact with them in the frame. I really hope that something interesting will turn out :)

You offer online education services. How does it work?
Yes, I teach online. But now I can only do it in Russian. For English speakers, I have recorded video lessons with professional translation.

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