Most people express themselves with words, some with photos, few with silence. I use to listen the last ones..


Hi Mila
Where are you from?
I'm from Italy, but lately I moved to Ireland
I was fascinated by the idea of living where the silence can be interrupted only by nature, music and glasses
I can imagine Ireland like that! Do you feel it was the right choice for your photography?
Sure. Here I have time to listen myself and my photography needed a change
Why do you take photos?
I need it. Is the best way I know to express myself. I think that everyone needs to express themselves in some way. If you don't find your way, you'll be always frustrated
Silence is also a way to communicate?
I used to say yes, when too many voices noise your life, silence can be the best way to stop the noise. But I'm also aware that something must follow silence. Something meaningful.
Which amateur photographer do you like the most?
I like a lot Gillian Fulton. I don't know how to define her style, but it's very intimate, kind of erotic, but without any vulgarity. Intense. Very Intense. (nb: this is her Instagram)
From your point of view, what makes a good picture?
If you can observe it for more than 10 seconds without getting annoyed, that's it.
When did you start with photography?
Not so early. As a teenager, I was used writing poems, I liked the sound of those small little words, that open hearth. But I was not so confident to show them to friends. Then I started taking photos, and it was really a natural combination putting together my words and my photos, and it was easier to start showing my feelings to the world.
Which is your dream?
Something impossible I think. I would really like to climb one of the highest mountains in the world, go to the top, and stay there for an indeterminate time, writing and shooting and looking at the stars. And..I know is a dream! I can barely climb a ramp of stairs!
Do you know that there is not enough oxygen at the top of the world? Nobody can survive at the highs!
That's maybe another reason that will remain a dream! I suppose I don't need to train now! Anyway, I really like this expression "there is not enough oxygen at the top of the world", I think it can apply to life, in general.

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