Editing is a necessary step for landscape photos, just get fun doing it!


Hi Ben
Where are you from?
I'm from Spain, but I like to move a lot. Currently I'm in Patagonia
Oh, is just the best place in the world! (For a photographer at least!)
Great mountains, ice, blue lakes...what's more??
Cold, silence, nature. And a lot of real travelers.
What's a real traveler?
Look, coming here is never a 5 stars comfortable hotel. Here you have to go through cold, storms, risks. Indeed, is a paradise for climbers.
You are a big fan of photo editing. Why?
There are a lot of ways to intend photography. A lot of styles. Every photographer has his goal. I like to transform the photos, make experiments, create art, whenever is possible. With millions of cameras out there, to make a photo stand I think that photographers should take some risk and should experiment more. In my childhood I was a great fan of Salvador Dalì, he was a great example of "experimenter artist". Photo-editing let me experiment as he did.
Do you think about the final project before switching on your camera?
Sometimes I do. I noticed that when I have a lot of time for thinking, my photo projects are definitely more interesting.
Who is the best "experimenter artist", according to you?
Erik Johansson, I think. For his capacity to imagine the result before even starting to take photos.
What is your next project?
I want to imagine how it would be living on Mars. It was science fiction till some years ago, now it looks like we'll really go there. Let's try to imagine what kind of landscape we'll see. I just hope it will be not necessary to wear a mask out there, otherwise portraits will look all the same!
Fantastic! Good look with your goal and keep experimenting!
Thanks! See you on Mars!
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