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Man has always tried to represent nature. The first graffiti of man were practically photographs of nature. The paintings of the first great painters were practically photographs of nature. And certainly with the camera, nature photography is reaching its peak. Whether it is landscape, documentary or still life photography, nature is very often at the center of the projects of great and amateur photographers.

If you want to get inspired, take a look at these great photographers, you may get some new idea or discover amazing places in the world!

But beware, even when it comes to nature photography, the use of photo editing tools is often necessary, to enhance colors and lines that would otherwise remain hidden.

Adam Gibbs

”Light is the key to producing an image that can relay a sense, a feeling.”

Mists of Renfrew

Christoph Fisher

The colors of silence. Photographs of nature around the globe.

Desert Beauty

Bruce Percy

A personal coloured vision of nature and landscapes

Lago Grey Sunset, Torres del Paine, Patagonia

Ando Fuchs

Black and white nature photography as you never see it

Paul Zizka

Paul Zizka is an award-winning mountain landscape and adventure photographer based in Banff, Canada

Galina Shirmanova

Painting nature with a camera

Alexey Kljatov

The geometry inside nature, snowflakes photography.


Jennifer King

Photographs of nature as fine art

Daniel Kordan

Black and white nature photography as you never see it

Mads Peter Iversen

The stunning nature inspiration

And remember, the key to take great photographs of nature is all about observation, respect and wonder!

  • October 7, 2021
  • 5min read

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