We like photos. Sure. But way more, we like the stories behind

Is possible to talk about photography without showing (almost) any photo?

We are open to everything concerning photography and photographers around the world. New ideas, projects, contests. In this website you will find a lot of stories related to photographers, a bit less photos, something about technique, and almost nothing about equipment.

Is this a community?

Maybe. Connecting world photographers is our idea. Even better, we want to avoid the social paradigma, where photographers gets noticed only when they interact with the others. No follow for follow, no like for like. But maybe talking about each other, this have sense. Help us discovering the top world photographers, we want to listen their stories.

Can I upload my photos here?

Actually not. Is out of our logic to let users upload photos, there are a lot of great website for doing it. But you can send your story, we'll publish it. Read more here